What are Screen Enclosures and Why is it Important

A screen enclosure is a particular structure that necessarily encloses a specific area in your house, for instance, the swimming pool or the patio. It has been used for over many years and because time has changed, screen enclosures have also changed as well. The design, the structure and the general look of these enclosures have continuously changing. The main reasons why a space in your house is enclosed, such as the swimming pool, is to protect it from the climate, the sun or the bugs that necessarily invade the privacy of this space at your home.

Screen Enclosures

A screen enclosure built by Palm Beach Patio Screens in Bradenton, FL

What are the different kinds of screen enclosures there is in the market? How do you choose a particular screen enclosure that would suffice your needs? Listed on this article are some facts that necessarily help buyers in order to purchase just the right kind of enclosure that would fit their needs.

A screen enclosure is necessary for your home, especially if you have swimming pool or patio or any are in your house that you want to be covered. This is why, doing some research about its parts and how much it costs is especially necessary in order to suit your need at the end of the day.


Aluminum Frame

A number of companies specializes aluminum for pool cages as well as enclosures. Aluminum distributors that are national in scale, often ask for supplies to local companies who are in charged to do the pre-cutting of the frame as focused in engineering. Options in color are generally only limited to bronze and/or white.


Trac Beams

Trac beams being used in the current times is a 6005 alloy, which necessarily allow a larger and greater span as well as stronger beams. This particular alloys is used as well as vertical supports, which necessarily is responsible for wider spans as well as better site lines in contrast with beams that are weaker.


Beam connections

Usually, the material used to connect trac beams are beam knuckles that has gusset plates inside. Some companies might use scissor connection by overlapping the beams in order to create a sort of splice, in order to save money. However, this kind of connection is not as strong as the abovementioned connection and is not as aesthetically pleasing as well.



There are a number of kinds of screens available in the market to choose from especially contingent to the needs and budget of the buyer. There are basic screens and specialty screens. The former is composed of screens like:

a. Chinese screen

A number of screen bought by companies which are comparatively cheaper than U.S.-made are those that are made in China. However, the strength and the quality is not as promising as that of the US made.

b. Basic Fiberglass 

Fiberglass screen with enclosure is not as conventional as other kinds of enclosures because most companies often use it. Companies have innovated these screens especially in the U.S. in order for the screens to last a little longer.


Specialty Screen on the other hand are some screens that are stronger but costs much than the former. For example:

a. Super Screen: 

This is an upgraded version of the fiberglass; however, super screens are necessarily designed in order to last for 3x longer. It is heavier and his 100% stronger than the basic screen.

b. Pet Screen:

When you have a pet such as dogs or cats, pet screen is one of the best things that you consider using. This is stronger than an insect screen, more heavy duty screen as well as vinyl coated polyester. It resists damages made by pets as well as antimicrobial product for additional protection.




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